Greene Climateric Scale

Please indicate the extent to which you are bothered at the moment by any of these symptoms by selecting the appropriate box.

    1. Heart beating quickly or strongly?

    2. Feeling tense or nervous?

    3. Difficulty in sleeping?

    4. Excitable?

    5. Attacks of panic?

    6. Difficulty in concentrating?

    7. Feeling tired or lacking in energy?

    8. Loss of interest in most things?

    9. Feeling unhappy or depressed?

    10. Crying spells?

    11. Irritability?

    12. Feeling dizzy or faint?

    13. Pressure or tightness in head or body?

    14. Parts of body feel numb or tingling?

    15. Headaches?

    16. Muscle and joint pains?

    17. Loss of feeling in hands or feet?

    18. Breathing difficulties?

    19. Hot flushes?

    20. Sweating at night?

    21. Loss of interest in sex?