How to get the best out of your menopause consultation

  • Before your appointment

    • Get your weight, height and blood pressure checked – this can be a home reading if you have a meter, done at your GP surgery without appointment, or a local pharmacy.
    • Fill out and return the Greene Climacteric Scale, which will be emailed to you on confirmation of your appointment.
  • Information to bring to your appointment:

    • The names and doses of any medications you take
    • Any medical conditions you have
    • If you have a family history of: cancers, especially female cancers such as breast, ovarian or womb cancers; blood clots or clotting disorders; heart disease or stroke
    • If you have a history of cancer yourself, Dr Spencer may need to consult with your NHS specialists, so any correspondence from them is very helpful

Dr Spencer is happy to assess and treat for the whole scope of menopausal care, including body identical hormone replacement and testosterone. We will always work with evidence-based guidelines, mainly from the British Menopause Society and NICE, but will consult with other specialists as necessary to ensure the highest standards of patient care.

Close up of various medications in blister packets

Private Prescriptions

Current prices as of March 2022

Approx cost for 3 months
Oestrogel £27.47
Lenzetto spray £37.46
Utrogestan capsules £29.04
Estradot patches £33.28
Evorel patches £23.13
Vagirux pessaries £24.62
Tostran £50.09
Androfemme £79.00

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